Pastors & Staff

Dennis Eley Jr.

Head Pastor

Pastor Dennis Eley is married to the lovely Joyce E. Eley. He is the Senior Pastor of Military Outreach Ministries International Church since February 2, 2015. Oversees all ministries of MoM’s Int’l Church with special emphasizes on Military Breakfast’s and Veteran Gospel Services/Concerts. He is a servant leader in the community because he loves to give back to the people through foodbank ministry where they feed nearly 1,200 families monthly.
He volunteers to teach Federal Resume Workshops at several veteran organizations (State & Non-Profit) throughout southern California. He integrates the DISC Leadership Behavior concepts to identify each student understand the following: Primary DISC style, their behavioral needs and emotions, and to identify a career industry based off personality style.
He faithfully served his country for 26 years while engaging in the following combat missions: "Operation Desert Shield," "Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF)" and "Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF)." Several years after retiring from the U.S. Navy, he started a second career with the Department of the Navy, OCHR-SAN, as a Human Resource Specialist. He worked as a Wounded Warrior Coordinator to assist (OEF & OIF) veterans to find federal employment. Now, he is an Equal Employment Opportunity Specialist for Department of Navy, with Bureau of Surgery and Navy Medicine.
Received a B.S. degree in Human Development from Christian Heritage College in 2000 and received an MBA (focus in Leadership) degree in 2009 from Walden University. Completed 4-years of Doctorial studies for Doctor of Management (DM) degree at University of Phoenix in May of 2016. Received an Honorary Doctor of Theology (Th.D.) degree from Next Dimension University in August of 2020.

Joyce Eley

First lady 

Lady Joyce Eley is very active in ministry. She is totally involved with the church and is always by her husbands side working in ministry. Her favorite scripture is Psalms 91. She has plenty of responsibilities in the church such as Head of Hospitality, Adult Choir, Women of Power ministries. She is a loving person who will give her last to anyone in need.  

Elisha Thomas

Minister Emeritus

Minister Thomas is deceased and was a vital member of our church. He was the Men of Valor’s leader and did an excellent job. He loved people and was engaged with the church. I miss him a lot.  

Vanessa Tyus


Minister Vanessa Tyus is a licensed and ordained Minister and Chaplain, mentor, motivational speaker, and adovocate. She is a living testimony of God's grace, mercy, forgiveness, and strength; Minister Vanessa served and directed several ministries including the Ushers, Youth, Theatrical and Praise dance ministries, Homeless, food bank, Hospital Chaplian, military outreach, foster and adoption ministry. Her gift in healing the sick has been a great testimony.
In acknowledgement of Minster Vanessa confession and calling, spiritual devotion, commitment, and leadership in the church, I was offically ordained into the Gospel Ministry in November 2018. Minister Vanessa is the Founder of Diamonds in the Rough outreach ministries, and Opportunities with a vision boot camp. 

Mayra Ruiz-Zapien

Minister n training & young adult teacher 

Sister Mayra Ruiz-Zapien is a single mother of three children. She has been a MoM’s Int’l church member since October of 2015 and a children’s church minister since September of 2017. Sister Mayra is passionate about following God’s will in her life. Also, this charismatic church member has been dedicated to lead and transform the lives of the children of the congregation through the instruction inspired directly from God’s word, the Bible. Sister Ruiz-Zapien kindly invites you to join us for service! 

Diane Xayasomloth

Lead Usher 

Sister Diane Morgan has been a MOM's Int'l Church member since 2015. She has a wonderful boy and is engaged to Bro Charles Morgan. She is devoted and dedicated to God and the church. A very faithful person who is so supportive to her First Lady. She also is on the Hospitality team. 

Estella Ruiz

Food bank director

Sister Estella has been a part of MoM Int’l Church since 2020. She is the Director of our Foodbank Ministry and also sings in the church choir. She’s a mother of 5 and has 1 grandchild. She works with others in our community to assist with hunger issues. She is a certified Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) counselor. She strives to serve the community the best she can by helping others on their journey in life.